And Then We Had THAT Talk

Driving home last night: 

Ana: How did I get out of your tummy? 

Me: (thrown completely off guard, this was not related to any discussion we’ve had recently) Uh, the, uh, hospital helped me? (Seriously, that was the best I came up with on the fly.)

Ana: How? 

Me: Uh, well, the body has muscle contractions that pulse and pushed you out. The hospital helped.

Ana: Where did I come out? 

Me: (looooooong pause) Uh, out of my private parts.

Ana: Which ones?!

Me: I have more than one? Oh. Not my boobs. My vagina.

Ana: (giggles)

Me: Are we done now?

Ana: Yup.



3 thoughts on “And Then We Had THAT Talk

  1. Oh, kids. The thing to remember is that if you approach it calmly and matter-of-factly, I’ve found kids tend not to react any differently than if you are describing, say, the lawn. Keston’s quite…versed in it all. But not to the actual mechanics, although he knows that somehow what I have gets with what she has, but we haven’t gone into the whole dinner-wine-backrub thing. Fun times! 🙂

    • Oh! I totally forgot that she asked how she got in my tummy, too. I think I said something about how the mom and dad had a special relationship or something. And she wanted to know what they used to make her so I said their bodies. Horrible. But yeah, I tried to be as honest as possible without over-informing the 5 year old.

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