Becoming Me

My life over the last several years has been such a journey. A good one. A bumpy one.

I feel like, for the first time ever, I am becoming more ME than I’ve ever been able to be before. It comes in little changes, a shift at a time…  I stand up for myself once, twice, again, and then most of the time. I engage and meet new people – still afraid, but pushing through it, and through that I’m cultivating better friendships than ever before. I make physical changes-  continuing to work my ass off and train, piercing my nose, dying my hair blonde and purple and pink – things that I would have never done before because MY GOD, WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK.

Now I’m preparing for a trip to Indonesia – something that I never thought I’d ever be doing. I look forward to this time with my boyfriend and his family and to all the new experiences. The last time that I took a major trip was right before I had my daughter and when my marriage was in shambles. I spent the whole trip worrying about what was going on across the ocean from me. I am going to enjoy the hell out of this trip.


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