Back To Routine & To Worry

Ah, see, now I’d written this entire blog post less a paragraph or two and then my computer restarted and it was lost. Much like my computer last night restarting in the middle of my nice, relaxing yoga session causing me to almost immediately lose not only my zen, but my temper. But I digress.

So today marks the start of another school year. Even as a parent and not a student, I found myself approaching the school this morning, hand in hand with Ana, with nerves and excitement. The last two years of school have been a bit rough for Ana. We’ve discovered that she’s incredibly smart, but that she has a really hard time in large group settings. She doesn’t focus well, she creates conflict or drama with other students… its been an uphill battle, for sure.

We’re on the tail here of a really great summer. Her behavior was phenomenal, her tantrums were few and far between, and she really just seemed to grow up. I am so hopeful that this carries over into the classroom and that her school and her new teacher, whoever that winds up being, can see her for the dazzling, intelligent and kind being that she is and not as a “troubled kid.”

Here’s to a great year ahead.


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