Minimalism: A 1-Week Update

I’m just a little over a week into my attempts to decrease my stuff and declutter my life and I thought perhaps a progress report is due for anybody who might be inclined to care.
Here were my musts:
I must eat healthier.
I must sleep more.
I must spend my money wiser.
I must declutter my home.
I must write every day.
I must practice self-love and confidence.
I must promote kindness.
I must read every day.
I must exercise 4 times a week.
I must learn yoga.
I must spend quality time with Ana every day that I have her.
I must work towards fostering better relationships with Jer’s kids every time I see them.
I must eat healthier. Yeah, that has not really happened at all this week. Maybe only in the sense that I’ve been broke so unable to purchase a lot of the excesses that I often do, but otherwise? Nope. No progress.
I must sleep more. In a funny twist of life, I have found that I am getting exactly the same amount of sleep and that a lot of what is keeping me up is trying to complete my other musts! An extra hour here cleaning out a cupboard. An extra half an hour there to do my yoga video… I think I need to set a strict bedtime and the rest of my musts be damned. I’m far too tired all of the time and I wind up so frazzled and stressed as I race to be on time in the morning.
I must spend my money wiser. I was flat broke last week so that wasn’t even really an option. This upcoming two weeks will be a much better test of my ability to just say no to unnecessary things.
I must declutter my home. This is where I’m making my progress. The hitch is that things aren’t actually LEAVING my house because I’m saving for a garage sale late next month and for friends to go through my books, but I have about a dozen boxes packed full of stuff at this point. There’s still a long ways to go and I need to start really making some smarter choices – board games, for example, I need to go through and I anticipate that I will have a tough time with giving some of those away, but let’s face it, other than Cards Against Humanity, the other games don’t get played!
I must write every day. I’m doing alright on this one, too. I have blogged most days (though not all). I haven’t touched my book and I haven’t touched my journal either, but I am mindful of them and hopeful to tackle some of those this coming week and over the weekend.
I must practice self-love and confidence.  Oh. This was not a good week at all for this. It has been a very low confidence week and I’ve been really hard on myself. Perhaps I can use my journal to help tackle this and my writing commitment at the same time. I’m going to look up some body positivity writing exercises and start there. I think that my confidence will improve as I reach more of my other goals.
I must promote kindness. No more and no less than usual, I suppose. I’d like to be making a concerted effort to increase my positive output into the universe.
I must read every day. Nailed it. Heh, this one is not actually difficult for me at all these days. The last few years my reading had decreased a lot because of all my other commitments and because of my schooling, but it’s September 11 and I’ve already finished 5 books this month. Keep on keeping on!
I must exercise 4 times a week. If I count my little mini yoga videos, then yes. If I don’t, then no. I went to boot camp once this week and then bailed on one day and it was cancelled another. Two days is easy for me. Three is when I’m doing well. Four will be something to strive for and a challenge as well as I’ll need to do a few of those days with Ana by my side. That said, I want to be a good role model for her and show her that exercise is good and necessary and maybe not entirely all awful. And does a 15-20 minute yoga video count as exercise? It’s not really hardcore at all.
I must learn yoga. I’ve signed up for a free 30-Day Yoga Challenge. I did days 1 & 2 and then I forgot to do day 3, but caught up with it last night so I’ll continue on this path and at the end of the 30 days find a new challenge or video to continue with. I really want to learn this one.
I must spend quality time with Ana every day that I have her. I’ve done mediocre at this one. I really need to set my goddamn phone down more often.
I must work towards fostering better relationships with Jer’s kids every time I see them. I haven’t seen them much in the last week and I don’t know that I made much more of an effort than I usually would. I need to really work on this one. I need to put away my knee-jerk reactions, pick my battles and really focus on figuring out how I can connect with each one of them individually.
I also added a new must and that is: I must relearn the piano. And then I’ve done nothing with it so far. So, work in progress.
One thing that I am really enjoying about this whole process is watching others participate. I have a few friends are keeping me updated with their moves towards minimalism and it’s so fascinating and exciting to watch. It really does feel wonderful to start seeing cupboard space appear again and to see surfaces unclogged that haven’t been unclogged in a long time.
Are you trying to live a more minimal lifestyle? How’s it working out for you?

2 thoughts on “Minimalism: A 1-Week Update

  1. You have totally inspired me lady!! Thank you for that!! Thank you for all these great posts. Seriously I just needed to see someone else I know trying to work toward a minimalist lifestyle to try get my s*|% together too.
    So far I have said goodbye to:a fire pit, an old BBQ, a hose we don’t need, a reflective vest that was never used, two bags of mega blocks. 50 hot wheel cars and now I’m working on two grocery bags of toys to get rid of. I have a box of kids books to let of go as well. It sure doesn’t look like there is anything less but every item out of my house makes me feel a little better and every kids toy is one less opportunity for me to lose my cool about them not picking up.
    Please keep up the posts! Although I’m trying to limit my FB time, I will always search for your posts. 😀

  2. Peggy! I LOVE that it’s motivated you. Like I said, seeing the response and seeing other people inspired to get rid of stuff is just incredible. And it does, it feels amazing, right? The not seeming like there’s less is one thing that’s frustrating me, for sure. I want to SEE the difference! I think that’s going to take another several degrees of axing stuff! Keep me posted on your progress, please!

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