That YA: It’s So Hot Right Now

I can’t say that title without saying it like Mugatu from Zoolander. That YA is so hot right now. Ahem. Anyway.

I’m not sure what it is about the stellar writing in the YA world right now, but man, am I ever driven to select from that section of the library/bookstore so much more than I am from the good ol’ adult section.

I read an entire book yesterday. It was really good. It was called 45 Pounds (More Or Less) by KA Barson and it made me FEEL, you guys.

I winced at her embarrassing moments – ones that easily could have been me (drunkenly Thriller dancing, anybody?). I clucked at her poor food choices- ones that I make nearly daily as well. And when she said, “It doesn’t make any sense to want one thing and do the opposite. But somehow there’s a disconnect between my brain and my stomach. Somehow my stomach got connected to my heart,” I cried. Because apparently that’s what I do these days; I cry.

The story follows aged 16, sized 17 Ann as she tries to navigate life as an overweight teenager. As an overweight 30-something, I had no problems at all relating to her and to her struggles. I’d even go so far as to say that this little YA book gave me some optimism and some hope that maybe one day, I too, can change.


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