Ana Watches Labyrinth

I realized the other day that Ana has never seen Labyrinth and I felt like this was almost criminal, especially in the tragic wake of David Bowie’s passing.

We somehow wound up with a block of free time yesterday and so I put the movie on. She was cracking me up with her commentary even before the opening credits finished so I decided to live tweet her viewing. She didn’t disappoint me.

Here it is in all it’s glory, with added commentary from me to help with which part of the movie she’s watching.

During the opening credits: Well. It’s beautiful music. Why is this movie taking so long to start?

When Sarah appears on screen in front of a pond/lake: Oh! See the swan? Is this The Swan Princess?

When Sarah’s in the bedroom with Toby: Why does the owl keep flying around and coming back?

When the owl is in the window: That’s a barn owl. I can tell by the face.

When the goblins first show on screen: Are those real goblins? Are they really going to take the baby!?

When Sarah goes to pull back the blanket in the crib: It’s a goblin. I know it.

When the plant/eye things follow Sarah’s movements in the labyrinth: The eyes are creepy.

When Sarah realizes the labyrinth is not as it seems and starts running: She’s really brave.

As Sarah continues to run: Yup. She’s brave.

During the famous Power Of The Babe song: Hahahaha, make him pee!

During a shot of the goblins where Toby appears in the back corner: I see the baby! Baby!

When David Bowie is tossing Toby around: The baby likes it. Right? They don’t want to HURT the baby, they just WANT the baby!

When Sarah falls down the hole with the hands helping her down to wind up at the doorless pit bottom: She’s gonna die! ‘Cause she has no food.

When Sarah comes across Ludo hanging upside down: It’s a giant squirrel! Wait, no, it’s not. What is that thing?!

When Sir Didymus announces that they cannot cross that bridge without his permission: That sounds like you.

When they encounter The Bog Of Eternal Stench: Oh, I know why it stinks! It makes fart sounds and farts stink.

When David Bowie is sending off more of his crystal balls: Bubbles! They’re bubbles!

When they’re in the city walls and Ludo calls the rocks to attack: That’s why I collect rocks So when bad people come I can pfft pfft them at the bad guys.

When she’s in the castle with the stairs that go nowhere: That’s like, a million stairs!

Final thoughts as the credits roll: Awesome! (With a fist pump). There’s that owl again…


Now I need to figure out what movie I’m going to subject her to next….






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