This post is a contribution to Nathan’s fabulous blog-off. Visit the link for the rest of the participants and further information. A portion of the proceeds are being contributed to The March Of Dimes, an oh-so-worthy charity.

This week’s topic: Babies!

I have a confession to make. I don’t like kids.

I know, I know. I have one and I love her more than life itself. I didn’t always dislike humans under the age of twenty. I used to really truly genuinely love children. Then I had one.

If that seems backwards to you, that’s okay. It’s backwards to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been blessed with a child who thus far, is just SO good. She’s so well behaved and she’s so happy all of the time. She cries very very rarely and never for very long. Crying for ten minutes straight is a major crisis in this house because it just doesn’t happen.

I find that children misbehaving in public make me want to run away. Even my own friend’s children drive me batty sometimes although I do have a much higher tolerance for them than for other kidlets.

It’s because of that that I’m almost entirely sure that I’m going to be happy with just one child. I love her so so so so much that I don’t think my heart can handle loving another one as much as her. My baby has completed my life in ways that I never even dreamed possible.

I have the best baby in the world and I just have no space left to love the rest of the little children out there.



The Most Important Lesson

This post is a contribution to Nathan’s fabulous blog-off. Visit the link for the rest of the participants and further information. A portion of the proceeds are being contributed to The March Of Dimes, an oh-so-worthy charity.

This week’s topic: The Most Important Lesson

Growing up, I always thought that the golden rule was really the most important lesson. Treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s a good lesson, yeah, but the most important? No.

I think that the most important lesson is how to love. First and foremost you need to love who you are. Recognize that you need tweaking, as we all do, but love who you are and what you are and what you do. You need to be proud of the things that you’ve accomplished and the work that you do to accomplish even more.

You need to learn to love the wrong person in order to fall in love with the right person. There are exceptions to the rule, but I think that you need to spend a lot of time falling hard for someone who is totally and completely wrong for you. Only then can you recognize when the right person walks into your life and only then do I think that you can truly appreciate that special kind of forever relationship.

Loving your family and friends will most often come naturally, but learn how love them through their mistakes and bad attitudes, through their trials and their grief, through their anger and their mistakes. Writing off your loved ones when times get tough is the quickest way to a lonely life.

Love. We need it so often and in so many different ways. Love is the most important lesson that a person can learn.


Back To The Future

This post is a contribution to Nathan’s fabulous blog-off. Visit the link for the rest of the participants and further information. A portion of the proceeds are being contributed to The March Of Dimes, an oh-so-worthy charity.

This week’s topic: You are allowed, through the miracles of science, to travel into the past for a span of no more than 24 hours. You are allowed to take with you ONE piece of current modern technology with which you may change the lives of ONE family that you can visit during your stay. Assuming that there are no long-term, widespread disastrous outcomes from this altering of the timeline, when and where would you go, what piece of technology would you take with you to leave with them and why, and what do you think the experience would be like?

You must choose a time of at least 1909 or earlier to return to. You must be able to physically carry or roll the item along with you. Be aware that it has to actually work with the other resources they have – IE: they won’t have the Internet, so email isn’t going to work.

I gotta admit, I was thinking long and hard on this topic and I was coming up with air. As in nothing. As in nothing that didn’t require at least one additional piece of technology.

Then it came to me. It made me laugh, but it came to me.

I’d bring Prozak to Sylvia Plath. I know, it sounds awful, but hear me out! I am not a supporter of anti-depressants for the masses. Having been through a severe depression that at one point landed me in the hospital, I am easily irritated by people crying wolf and getting drugs. True depression, true Sylvia Plath depression is ugly. It is selfish, it is brutal, it is hideous and in most cases is a chemical imbalance.

Sylvia Plath was one of our great minds. An absolutely amazing writer. Can you only imagine the stunning works that we’ve missed out on because mental illness got the best of this woman? That, my friends, is why I’d pick up a bottle of the best – Prozak – and hand-deliver those goods.


The Best Life

This post is a contribution to Nathan’s fabulous blog-off. Visit the link for the rest of the participants and further information. A portion of the proceeds are being contributed to The March Of Dimes, an oh-so-worthy charity.

It’s no surprise to many of my readers that I’ve been struggling lately. I’m unhappy about my return to work after a year off to enjoy being a new mother, I’ve been ill, my marriage is on shaky grounds (oh wait, did I not mention that previously?) and we’re facing financial devastation. We just listed our condo for sale and it looks like we may be taking a loss on it. This? This is not my version of The Best Life.

This past weekend, for the Fourth of July holiday, I was actually able to let go of all of that and really enjoy myself. I cherished the last few days of my freedom before my return to work, my best friend’s last few days of pregnancy (she delivers via c-section tomorrow morning!) and I relished in the sunshine and the heat of the summer. I let myself be yanked behind a boat on an inflatable tube and I let go and happily spun through the air into the cool lake water. I came up gasping for air and grinning. I came home bruised and proud and happy.

The thing is, sometimes life is shit. It’s just the way it goes. Right now my life is not all peaches and cream, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. In the midst of all that dung, there’s still the potential for fun and for smiles. I have this amazingly beautiful and smart baby and she’s sunshine and giggles every day. So maybe this IS The Best Life. Maybe if we can just peer around the yuckiness and duck the flying crap, we can always remember where the roses are.

My life may not be where I’d like it to be, but you know what? It’s a damn good life.


The Obligatory Anniversary Post

It’s a little funny (in that way that’s not really funny at all) that today’s blog-off word is attitude because about 13 minutes ago, at exactly midnight, my attitude shifted. It wasn’t anything that was intentional, I just… dropped. Like riding a high that suddenly throws you off a cliff. I plummeted.

Twelve years ago today, my mother died. I miss her.

I thought I’d have more to say on this, but all I can think is that my heart aches.


What's Up, Strangers?

What? I have a blog? Seriously? And I’m supposed to keep it updated? Whoops.

I have been so blasted busy that I can’t keep my head straight. So. What’s going on? Well, I’m in the process of buying my condo. We should be signing the final papers in the next little bit here and have everything finalized by September 1st. That’s a big move- first time home purchase, even if the home happens to be an itty bitty condo.

I’ve been spending every weekend in various town and places and venues fundraising for The 3 Day Walk and that has me just about beat. I’m getting giddy with excitement about the actual event, but let me tell you, I am just about ready to be DONE fundraising. There’s only so much asking for money that I can handle. So if you donate, you’ll help me. (Insert big cheesy grin here.) If you’re local, I have an event coming up on the 24th that’ll be a good time, so send me an email and I can get you some details.

August has always been a bit of an off month for me. My birthday is at the beginning of it and then, ten days later (this Wednesday, thankyouverymuch) is the anniversary of my mother’s death. I have very mixed feelings about this time of year. I love the summer, most of the time I get some enjoyment from my birthday, but I think part of it is always tainted by the memories of that summer twelve years ago when Mom was so sick. Twelve years. Wow. Ah, but the pain has eased so little. Which is, of course, why I walk.

The third blog-off is under way and I’m feeling terribly guilty as I have not had the time to give these bloggers the credit and the attention that they deserve. Here is a list of the fabulous people taking part in fighting breast cancer by way of blogging.


We also have a few fabulous people who have made donations to my fundraising site. It’s not too late for that- for a minimum $5 donation, you can vote on your favorite bloggers while making a difference. Voting on all three posts will put you into a drawing for a $15 gift card to Amazon.

That about sums up my life these days! Fundraise fundraise fundraise, work, and concentrate on getting the sale of the condo completed. Give me a month and things will be back to normal, I promise. In the meantime, make a donation if you’re able and receive my eternal gratitude!


Blog-Off 3.0

Yes, you read that right. I’m going for one final round for 2007. I’ve even set up a special page just for the blog-off. Pop on over and let me know what you think. I’ve copied the first post here and all updates will be posted both here and there.

I’m gearing up for the third and final blog-off for 2007. There will be more coming in 2008, but this is the last one for this year and I want it to be the biggest and the best yet! So far, in our two previous events, we’ve raised $285 towards fighting breast cancer and that is just incredible. How much can we raise total?

This third blog-off will be yet another mutation of the first and second versions- no fun in keeping things the same now is there? Here’s how it’s going to work.

*The blog-off will be short, but intense at just one week long with three posts being due. One on the Monday, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday.

*The entry fee is going up to $20 for this particular blog-off with half of the collected funds being donated to my 3 Day Walk fundraising requirements and the second half being awarded to the winner as the grand prize. The entry fee is paid to me via PayPal.

*A new option is being introduced. For a minimum $5 donation, you can have the option to vote on the posts without actually having to post yourself. The $5 is donated directly to my fundraising page. I just ask that you send me an email telling me how much you are donating right before you do it so that nobody can claim someone else’s donation as their own. If you don’t have a check or credit card (acceptable online donation methods) please contact me and I’ll have you send the funds via PayPal.

*If we have as many participants as last time, it will be too much to ask to have everybody read all 20-some-odd blogs and vote in the time frame that I’m looking at so you’ll only have to do that once. How? I will have eliminations in this version and the cuts will be big. After the first post, I will eliminate the lowest point-receiving half of bloggers. For example, if we have 20 bloggers posting, I will be eliminating the 10 who receive the lowest amount of votes. If we have an odd number, I’ll round down (so for 21 people, I would eliminate 10). After the second of three posts due, I will eliminate another half. (Following the first example there would be 10 people remaining so I would eliminate 5 of them.) The final group will be vying for the grand prize.

*Voting will be processed much the same as in the second blog-off. After reading all of the posts, you will send your favorite three to me via email and points will be assigned based on which order you place them in. First place will be given 15 points, second will be given 10 and third will be given 5 points. The winner will be determined by the highest cumulative total. (The second elimination will also be based on a combined total from both the first and second posts.)

*You have incentives to vote. I know sometimes getting the votes in is frustrating from having to pick a favorite and I also know that it’s time consuming to read all the posts. I want this to be worth your while. If you vote on all three posts you will be entered into a drawing for a $15 Amazon gift certificate. I will select a winner randomly once the blog-off has completed.

*Word selection is not going to be done by me this time. When you send in your entry information, please send me a word that you think would bring up some interesting blog posts. I will throw all the words into a hat and randomly select three to be used in the blog-off. Think of words with many different interpretations as nobody wants to read the same post twenty times over.

More information will be provided as we get closer to getting started. I would like this blog-off to run from August 13 to August 17 with a winner announced late on Monday August 20th.

If you’re interested in playing please email the following to courtney.slavin [@] gmail.com

Your name:
Your blog’s URL:
Your blog’s name:
Your email address:
Your word choice:

I hope to see lots of people sign up!

**Deadline to enter is August 9th.