#24 – Mike

This sweet kid was a boy I had the hugest crush on in the fifth grade. When I found out that he returned the crush, I was ecstatic and I was over the moon when he asked me, via another classmate and over the phone, to “go steady.” Whatever that meant in the fifth grade. The next day at school I was too shy to even talk to the poor kid and when a popular kid asked me with horror if I was actually going out with him, I reacted poorly and blurted out, “No.” That ended that. I actually apologized to Mike for that five years later in high school. Now he’s in the air force and married.

*I’m kinda thinking about abandoning this project. I’ve been reading some other people’s posts in the original project and they are SO much better and more interesting than mine. So bleh.

**The original project.


#23 – Derek

Not the one I married. I went to elementary school and this kid was the bane of my existence. He was the one who teased me and taunted me on the playground and generally made my recess experience miserable. In hindsight, his insults were lame (at best) and he wasn’t exactly the epitome of perfection either. His name and face have stuck with me through the years, though.


#22 – Peggy

I met Peggy on my first day of work at my first call center job. She was cute and funny and we found ourselves partnered up on more than one occasion to learn the job. Within a month she had managed to pawn a kitten off on me (and I couldn’t be more happy that she did- I love my cat). Two years later she was promoted to a new location and I was moving to Canada and while we never lost contact completely, we really didn’t talk. She recently married and we’re making plans to meet up and catch up on old times. I miss this girl.


#21 – Chris

This post is a revival of my people project from days long ago. I haven’t done a new update in over a year. We’ll see how long the revival lasts.

Chris was my husband’s old roommate and the reason that I met my husband in the first place. I dated Chris first. Can we say awkward? By dating, I mean that I was madly infatuated and he was mildly interested in getting some ass (not that it’s any of your business, but he didn’t). He was wildly immature at the time and is now married to a wealthy woman, has his own business, and has a second child on the way. Traces of his old self are still apparent, but he has most certainly grown up. It’s still a little weird for me to spend any sort of time with him at all.


#20 – Tyler

Tyler, my cousin, was five years old the last time I saw him. We were at Disneyland and he terribly wanted to go on Big Thunder Railroad, a rollercoaster that all of the adults and us older children figured he was much too young for. He pleaded, cajoled, and wormed his way onto the ride despite our best arguments against it. When the ride was over, he climbed out of the seat in tears, crying so hard his poor little body was shaking. When we tried to comfort him, he squirmed away and stomped his foot. “I want to go on it again!”

I haven’t seen him since then. He’s got to be about twenty now.


#19 – Brian

One of my oldest and dearest friends, we’ve actually only met in person twice. We met in a youth forum when I was 14 and he was 17. We talked and talked and talked for five years- we have a lot in common, particularly our completely off-the-wall sense of humor. On a whim and because I needed to get away from the life that had just put me in the hospital, I flew to Florida and our friendship was cemented. He flew out to Washington later that year and we got to spend more time together. We talk all the time and if a week goes by without contact, I start to get a little twitchy. It’s been another five years since we saw each other last and I think we’re overdue for a visit. Get your scrawny ass out of Florida and come see me why don’t you?

Just For The Record…

#18 – K
January 3rd, 2007

K was one girl in our high school group of four. We’ve always had an odd relationship where we greatly admire and respect each other, but we’re constantly competing over something or, more often, someONE. In school it was guys and we had pretty good fights about a few of them. These days it seems we’re butting heads over the friendship of another girl from our foursome, but this time I want nothing to do with it. I just wish we could be friends for the sake of being friends.

I think this reflects just as poorly on me as on K, no? And no, K, this is not an attack on you. Purely a point of reference for any newcomers to this, erm, delicate situation. If you want to continue discussing this with me, you know my email address.