Here’s a few things that you should know about me:

1) I’m in my 30’s.

2) I looooove to read and to collect books.

3) I love to buy pretty underwear.

4) I’m an American who has relocated to Canada, but will probably be re-relocating in the new two years or so.

5) I have a daughter who I love and adore.

6) I pretend to be a writer.

7) I have only ever once in my life finished a tube of chapstick without losing it.

8) I could probably quote most of The Princess Bride. I’ve seen it A LOT.

9) Text speak makes me crazy.

10) I get irrationally angry and irritable when I hear people chewing. Ew.

11) I work in telecommunications and have for many years now.

12) My favorite word is eclectic.

13) I’m in the midst of a divorce which means life is not all full of drama. HA.

14) I think I have a real problem with an M&M addiction.

15) I’d keep buying Disney movies even if I didn’t have a small child.

16) I hate onions. I think they’re devil food.

17) I can be a bit needy. I like confirmation that I’m an okay person.

18) I have an obscene amount of shoes and I just. keep. buying. them.

19) My mom died when I was 14 from breast cancer.

20) I hate talking on the phone.

21) My birthday is August 5th which makes me a Leo.

22) I’d rather have potato chips than chocolate. Most of the time.

23) Scary movies make me angry. Because they scare me. And I don’t like being jumpy.

24) I’m fascinated with Marilyn Monroe. She died on my birthday – just, ya know, 19 years before I was born.

25) I used to have a pierced tongue. I sometimes regret taking it out, but will never get it done again.

26) My dream job would be to read the slush pile for an agent or editing company.

27) I have a feeling that when I pay off my car, I’m going to turn around and spend that money to lease a horse.

28) I’m a book snob – I don’t buy books with the movie covers and will often not read it at all if I hadn’t done so before it became a movie.

29) I dislike any reality TV show that makes a mockery of marriage/dating/relationships.

30) I will do anything for a back rub.

31) I enjoy hot chocolate, but think coffee is gross.

32) I really like making lists.

33) When I’m getting my haircut, I prefer silence to idle chit chat that means nothing. Just shush and cut my hair, please.

34) If you’re a guy and you have Berry as part of your name, it’s a given that I’ll fall for you. THREE different guys in high-school with berry, or some variation of berry, in their name had my heart.

35) I used to drive a 1973 Super Beetle that I named The Little Bugga That Could. She struggled on steep hills. She had a rusted out bottom.

36) Not only am I addicted to M&M’s, but I’m doubly addicted to Diet soda.

37) I laugh when other people trip on the sidewalk. But not usually out loud.

38) I don’t get mad very often, but when I do, it’s not pretty. My hurt is often mistaken for anger as I lash out.

39) I will NEVER sing karaoke. No matter how drunk I am.

40) I’ve been to Rome, Florence, and Pisa. My next goal is Athens and then probably Paris. With maybe a few Mexico trips in between.

41) I crack my knuckles and my neck. Both a lot.

42) Things need to be symmetrical for my heart to be happy. I’m a little OCD about it.

43) I avoid confrontation like the plague. Usually. Lately I seem to be immersed in it.

44) If onions are devil food, cupcakes come from angels.

45) I have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies.

46) I will fully admit to liking Britney Spears. I balance it with a dislike of Justin Bieber.

47) I am infatuated with pin-up girls. Gil Elvgren is my hero.

48) I don’t have cable and I am more than okay with that.

49) My collection of blank journals numbers near fifty. And most of them are still, uhm, blank. I should probably stop buying them.

50) If given a choice between light colored wood and dark, I’ll always opt for the dark.

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