Vanity Takes A Blow

You guys, I am horrified. You may recall, a little under a year ago, I posted about my vanity and how I would settle for 2nd best at work if it meant my fugly-ass mugshot wouldn’t be on display on a multitude of TV’s. I begged and cajoled and conned the human resources department into taking a new picture of me.

Imagine my horror last week when I should glance up at the monitor and see not the new picture, oh no, not the new one, but my old terrible picture staring down at me! Seriously, guys, it’s bad. So bad that I’m almost tempted to post it because nobody believes how bad it is until they see it. The other day, I showed it to a co-worker and you know how most people, when they see a bad picture of you, they lie and say it’s not that bad? This one is so horrendous that she actually covered her mouth to try the hide the loud guffaw of laughter.

I’m so embarrassed. Please let the month be over and new pictures go up soon. Please.


5 thoughts on “Vanity Takes A Blow

  1. Oh my, I am so sorry. I know how this feels. I had a horrible license picture that I cringed about whenever I got carded because people openly laughed in my face over the horror of it. I had to live with that picture for five years.

  2. Oh, no! That’s so frustrating! Well, can you make it come across like you had such a bad picture taken on purpose? You know, like you meant to have that expression on your face, or your hair like that, or whatever?

    I admit to finding myself very curious to see this picture you mentioned, by the way.

  3. Vegas- My bad license picture was good, too. It looked like a bona fide mug shot. They took it away from me when I got my Canadian license, though. Too bad, I would have kept that one for shits and giggles.

    Toni- I’m sure my name badge will be in my purse when I’m there- I’ll show it to ya.

    Caryn- I just make fun of it before anybody else can. If I can get my scanner to work, I’ll scan it and if I’m not brave enough to post it here, I’ll email it to you.

    Princess- I know! It’s terrible!

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